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I enjoy discourses on science and technology as much as arts and sports. A maker hobbyist at heart, the smell of sawdust, sound of machining and the sight of a 3D printer completing its job, are few of many things that spark joy.  My early inclination towards building artifacts propelled me down the engineering path. I received my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). During my formative years at SUTD, I came to embrace the value of design thinking and the importance of fundamental engineering knowledge in tackling real world problems. Having built a few prototypes through coursework, I realized I required know-how in manufacturing to better design products and to enable scaling to reach the masses. 

This fascination followed me as I pursued a Master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I was fortunate to be awarded the MIT-SUTD Dual Masters Scholarship to pursue my graduate studies. Focusing on Advanced Manufacturing and Design at MIT, I gained valuable understanding of manufacturing processes and how they can be designed and improved. For my thesis, I had the opportunity to work on a project at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer where I assessed their inventory management practices and developed automated methods to ascertain optimal inventory levels. Following my study at MIT, I returned to SUTD to conduct research in the field of large-scale additive manufacturing as part of my second master's degree fulfillment. This was my entry way into robotics in manufacturing. Working with bio-composite materials and industrial robots, I relied on statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to develop and optimize the novel manufacturing process. I was honored to receive the Best Master's Thesis Award for my research.

I then moved to industry to help automate processes with robotic manipulators and mobile bases. My experiences were heavily focused on algorithm &  software development. I discovered Robot Operating System and was instantly drawn to open source technologies. Currently, I'm a software developer at Open Robotics where I help create open source hardware and software solutions. 

My learning journey in life has brought me through many memorable moments which I would like to showcase in my website. I remain ever excited to where it will bring me next.



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