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Weekly Hardware

Week 12:

Structural Members build + Re-designed Bearing Mounts

Completed Fabrication of Structural Members

Fabrication of Base and Legs

After scrapping boards of wood from various sources, I had enough to build the base and legs. As the boards were full of distortions such as bow and cup, I had to run them carefully though the jointer, planar and table saw to get them to be flat. The base member is made of boards of wood of 1" thickness each: Beech hardwood board + Maple hardwood board. These boards were glued together.

Re-Machining of Bearing Brackets

Following up on last week's brainware results that my original idea of making an L bracket from 2 plates, is not feasible, I looked at extruded aluminum. I managed so get some screw from from the LMP shop and milled out the slots as dictated by the design.

Lastly, I fastened the lead screw nut to the slider.

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