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nirmitsu toolpath generator

Let's simplify robotic programming


As someone who uses many brands of robotic arms, I haven't found a single intuitive solution for programming robot motions.

Existing platforms are either 1) model specific forcing users to learn multiple softwares or 2) expensive to own

In either context, the learning curve is steep and not friendly towards new robotic users


nirmitsu toolpath generator ™ is a plugin within the Rhino/ Grasshopper  CAD environment.

With just 4 simple clicks, the user is able to go from loading the 3D model to moving the robot along the desired trajectory.

Supported 3D models include PointCloud, 3D Mesh and STEP files

Supported robot models include ABB, UR and KUKA. Support for other brands is underway


Designers, prototypers, fabricators, researchers, machinists

nirmitsu toolpath generator ™ is a tool for anyone who wants to simplify 1) generating toolpaths and 2) making robots follow generated toolpaths 



nirmitsu Demo



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